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When some of the girls were disingenuous Flav proved 1 monkey don't stop the show.It was reminiscent of simpler times when everything on TV wasn't so strictly formulated & shows like Love Connection were a hit (& the couples young or old dint always hit it off).& any guy that wanted to be with them was in for a tough time..were real Hip-Hop & that meant they were smart/quick witted & that if you wanted a chance with them you had to "chase them" or "sweat them" (no matter how rich or how POOR they were) almost how Desi had to respect & romance Lucille Ball; or how the Emily Post book of etiquette wouldve written the rules of courtship.They weren't hoochies groupies or materialistic designer wearing air heads.Flavor is a Hip-Hop icon, & even if you didn't grow up on his music, hes still 1 of the coolest guys thats ever been on VH1.If you never heard Flav back in 1986 or 87, or you weren't around yet, or (worst case scenario) basically were still listening to Debbie Gibson or New kids On The Block...

Still, it is fairly safe to say that the frontman broke many hearts when he married his high-school girlfriend Dorothea Hurley on April 29, 1989.& as with anybody else on TV from the witness of a car accident to your local weatherman.Who isn't on TV ultimately to get something out of it?I wanna be back together [thing]," Bon Jovi told VH1's , both of which went No. "We did it for us and didn't give a damn," Bon Jovi told VH1."I got a lot of heat from it, between the band, my parents, Doc [Mc Ghee, Bon Jovi's manager]. It took me a couple of days before I realized that I don't give a shit what anybody thinks." Eventually, those concerns faded, as Bon Jovi continued their impressive run of hits.

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(Although I do like Lil Kim, Trina, & the like) I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for my B-Girls, smarter than your average university coed, sharper in her world politics & history than your local anchor woman, yet cooler than your average rapper...

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