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This means that you can log out and return once you have gathered information that you may not have had on hand.Once you have fully completed the application form, you must print it.As of 1 October 2015 you are required to prove you have not become a New Zealand citizen when applying for a Dutch passport.As a Dutch national with a resident visa you can get New Zealand citizenship by grant if you’ve lived here for 5 consecutive years and had the right to be in New Zealand indefinitely the whole time The New Zealand government has no system in place to cancel your existing resident visa when you become a New Zealand citizen.Sign the renewal form and bring two suitable colour photos and your most recent passport.Please do not attach the photos to your application form as this can damage them if not attached correctly. Find an outlet near you which provides passport services. Overseas - contact the nearest Australian diplomatic mission or consulate for further details.These are fees for standard service that will have your passport processed in up to 10 days. It also offers contact numbers should you require extra help.You must present your most recent passport when you lodge your renewal form. Cancelled passports cannot be used to support renewal applications.

These are the characteristics that a referee should have: He or she: Make sure you have filled in the payment section of your application successfully Your renewed New Zealand passport will cost you NZ0 if posting to New Zealand or NZ6.52 if to Sydney or to London. The address is: New Zealand Passport office Department of Internal Affairs New Zealand House 80 Haymarket London SW1Y 4TQ United Kingdom Applications posted to Sydney, Australia must be addressed to: New Zealand Passport office Department of Internal Affairs GPO Box 365Sydney, New South Wales 2001Australia The website for New Zealand passport renewal will tell you all that you need to know and assist you greatly throughout the process.

You will notice that there is a field in which you are required to attach two passport photos.

Also do not forget to sign in the required fields too.

You can apply for a passport online if your name was changed within New Zealand.

You can change the name in your new passport if your name was changed by: You only need to provide original name change documents if your name was changed outside of NZ or in some special circumstances.

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