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Mobile phone dating market

The business has done so well she now has four buffaloes and an assistant, and has taken out another loan to install a biogas plant, saving on firewood and sparing her family the woodsmoke.This was how microcredit, as promoted by Muhammad Yunus, a Nobel-prizewinning entrepreneur from Bangladesh who launched his Grameen bank in 1983, was supposed to work: credit would allow the poor to establish microbusinesses and improve their lives. Sadly, in many places it has not worked out that way.[Added] Rewind Last Swipe - Premium user can rewind his last swiped people.[Added] Change location - Premium user can change his current location.Reaching, assessing and helping borrowers like Ms Parveen is time-consuming and labour-intensive, which makes it hard to keep interest rates at a reasonable level.Typical annualised percentage interest rates are in the region of 20-40%, cheaper than the traditional local moneylender or pawnbroker but hardly a snip.Howzu is brilliant in its administrator controls, henceforth it offers business people huge control over the whole action occurs inside the application.

[Added] Visitors - Premium user can see people who visited your profile recently [Added] App of the day - Admin can manage title, description, images and download link.

A number of firms, such as Econet in Zimbabwe and Acre Africa in east Africa, offer farmers “index insurance” for their crops that will pay out automatically to a mobile-phone account, without the need to put in a claim, if, say, a rainfall index drops below a certain level.

The Easy Logger free is an effective free SMS tracker and call logger.

Howzu is one of the best location–based digital matchmaking phone application that is available to help people search for their perfect date.

It is also the First Tinder Clone Script in the market developed totally on the Node. Launch your own mobile dating domain with our Tinder Clone.

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For about $0.23 a month users get cover of around $100. In March Telefónica, a Spanish multinational network operator, announced a tie-up with Bima, a provider of mobile micro-insurance, to offer life insurance across Latin America, starting in Nicaragua.