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People who live in or visit Arizona can expect to see many species of wildlife.

More and more often though, wild animals are venturing into areas where people live.

Coyotes are wild canines that are clever and opportunistic.• Don’t stimulate a coyote’s chase instinct by running. • Protect small children so they won’t panic and run. Pets most likely to be endangered by coyotes are typically off-leash or smaller than 25 pounds.Coyotes have taken cats and small dogs in the vicinity of their owners and occasionally right off the leash.If there is a regular coyote food source in one yard on your block, then coyotes will be active throughout the neighborhood.All potential food sources must be removed to keep the coyotes from becoming dangerously comfortable around humans.

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They are well adapted to living in cities, suburbs, rural towns and agricultural areas.

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