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So a woman might not email you if she’s a year above the age range you checked or a few pounds heavier than the category you selected.

“Everybody has a war story, but nobody wants to hear it right off the bat.” Female-friendly fix: Turn any of your negative statements into positives. Save the details about your exes until much, much later.

“Trying to show that sensitive side right off the bat to total strangers can come across as disingenuous.” Female-friendly fix: Here’s Griffen’s recommendation on what to say in your profile to let women know you are serious about finding The One: “Sometimes I like to goof off and have a good time, but I know when to be serious.” This immediately lets women know that you’re not out for just a good time and are mature enough to deal with important issues.

And it does that without any efforts at sentimentality that make it look as if you’re trying too hard.

Chances are, when you type in the ideal age, height, and build of your perfect match, you’re thinking of those as ballpark range.

However, women often take them very literally, says Griffen.

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isten up, guys—if you’re wondering why you’re not getting as much interest online as you’d like, let’s take a closer look at your profile.

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