Guide to dating the dark side

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You’ll never know who is who – that skull you are looking at could be someone who died from the plague or from a wealthy aristocrat. I’ve visited this site multiple times and I always find it super creepy yet super interesing.

And while it’s obviously a gross misconception that every second bar girl in Pattaya is in fact a she-male (the ratio between female and ladyboy sex workers must be something like 10:1), it’s an undeniable phenomenon that have increasingly infiltrated Pattaya’s sex industry in recent years.Pattaya ladyboys who do not work as prostitutes (often to re-pay a costly sex reassignment) usually work in traditionally feminine occupations like hairstylists in beauty salons, shop vendors or waitresses; while more talented may seek a job as show dancer in one of Pattaya’s world-famous transvestite cabaret theatres.Of course, many ladyboys with “proper” jobs still freelance as part-time prostitutes on Pattaya beach or in Walking Street’s notorious pick-up joints to earn a few extra Baht on the night shift.(Here’s the proof.)Don’t Forget Travel Insurance Travel insurance will protect you against illness, injury, theft, and cancellations. As with all sexual preferences, Pattaya ladyboys are surely not everyone’s “cup of tea”.

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In the dark galleries and narrow passages, you’ll see bones arranged in a macabre display. They are quiet, dark, damp, and a bit downright depressing.

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