Dating women wrestlers in australia

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Dating women wrestlers in australia

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There were dark ages where women wrestlers had to portray sexy valets, psychopathic "managers", or wrestled in ho-hum matches treated as filler by crowds; at one point, the legendary Mae Young was reduced to featuring in a storyline where she gave birth to a hand.

The "Divas Revolution" became the "Women's Evolution", and soon enough women's wrestling was considered, as it should be, just wrestling.

This has been mirrored by increasing respect paid to women wrestling on the independent circuit.

"This tournament, in my eyes, capitalises on what women [wrestlers] have already done," she says via phone from Florida, where she's training at the WWE Performance Centre."We're in a great position right now.

The more effort we put into making women's wrestling as good as it is and having it be taken seriously, the more people see it, and hopefully their mindset will change if they don't already think women can kick a lot of butt in the ring."Kai, who spent the last few years wrestling in Australia as "Evie", certainly does kick butt; not for nothing is she the self-appointed captain of "Team Kick".

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