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Or 2 to 10% body fat more than the average 23% to 35% for the middle aged woman.What I think it means for men is size 14, which is actually about average. Stocky Body Type I think this category is for men, but technically LOTS of women of all heights are stocky body type.I'd say that the study was accurate in pointing out what women lie about (age, body type). And even then, it really should only matter to the person who might need to lose weight for their health.I think women can testify to what it is men lie about. I think that some people guess leaner than reality because they have a positive self-image. I saw some footage of people on the street in the forties and average was quite thin by todays standard.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I also think R/O you are opening yourself up for a bit of Teasing Talking about your average size Oh! Unfortunately, the BMI is flawed as it does not consider muscle mass; with the current method of determining one's BMI, Arnold Schwarzenegger would be considered obese.Hello Fishes, I have been reading and reading and reading profiles. Calculating your body fat would be more accurate..a percentage.Allow everyone the liberty of describing themselves in whatever light they choose. If they have no pics, well, then you may have more reason to doubt the profile. After R/O posted his thoughts on BBW, I am confused????

If you give up trying to answer and put “Prefer Not To Say”, like some sites allow, then you may not end up in any searches at all.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

Most men put “Slender, Athletic and Toned, About Average” as their preference, at least on where you can see their choices. Athletic and Toned Body Type Maybe this choice is meant for men only, but I see a lot of men selecting it as the type that they prefer in women. Does it mean masculine or high testosterone; square chin, low eyebrows, low voice, V shape, low fat percent, and narrow hips?

Some look for a few more types, some all types and some only one or two types! Men tend to have very specific body types in mind and they get attracted to the physical aspect of a woman first rather than the mental aspect of a mate like women do. Like the woman trainer from Biggest Loser, Jillian?

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For some people their weight has fluctuated and they haven't updated. As for ambiguous terms like "average" I suppose the most sensible thing is to look around and compare. Mind you people ate differently than they do know and many were involved in some kind of physical labour.