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During a five minute conversation, he would flip his gleaming bangs away from his face no less than twelve times, always one violent head jerk away from certain paralysis.

My current paramour is much more of a man’s man: he knows his way around a grill and doesn’t always make showering a top priority.

He can put together a decent outfit, but his bedroom floor is the only place he keeps his clothes, both dirty and clean.

It’s not that he’s a slob, non-metro guys just have different priorities that are more in line with my own.

With metro men, women are constantly in competition.

There are some days when I put minimal effort into my appearance.

He just doesn’t , and that’s the biggest difference between men and their metrosexual peers.

Guys are generally apathetic about most things in life, but when they do care about something it’s not whether they should spray tan or fake bake.

These bearded manly men are vying for the top sexy spot in recent years, and their well-groomed metrosexual peers are becoming a thing of the past.

Men have been fashionable, well groomed and cultured for centuries and it used to be a basic requirement to be seen as a gentleman.

It's only very recently that people label that 'gay'. I'll take a metro any day over the dishevelled uncouth appearance that's considered manly these days.

The guy I borderline stalked for most of high school is a waif-thin skateboarder whose body is covered in scars from wipeouts and surgeries.

He drives the world’s un-sexiest station wagon and prefers buzz haircuts to managing his head of curls.

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My sense is women like him but feel he's unattainable, hence why he's nearly my age and never married. Of course I want him to be clean and dress well --for his particular style.

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