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Canada dating native services

Due to this, Canada is a well established matriarchy from the very top down, just like most of the Commonwealth and Anglosphere.

About 95% of Canadian men are manginas and don't realize it.

Just look at other countries with Canada's size, like China, USA, and Brazil, they have huge populations.

Canada's massive size works against it, because it makes traveling areal time consuming affair.

When my parents first hired Filipina maids 33 years ago, I connected with the culture there immediately and fell in love with it after my first visit there.

You have to wonder why such an absolutely huge place, second only to Russia in size, only has about 35 million people living there, most of them near the US border.

Spring and fall are cool, but summer is usually very hot and humid.

This is true, but I would much rather have the USA as a territory to live in, it is only a bit smaller and has mild climates all year round in southern areas.

Canada is like one big Alaska, and most of it is unlivable.

The most mild climates are Victoria and Vancouver, where I live and they are the only places I am prepared to live in Canada.

The problem is I no longer want to live in Vancouver, so that means the only solution is to leave Canada.

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My father is Canadian born, but is the opposite of most people here, and worked most of his life abroad due to his job.